Memory-Semantic SSD

Industry 1st CXL-based Storage
Optimized for AI/ML

SSD that combines the benefit of
Storage and DRAM memory

Leveraging Compute Express Link(CXL) interconnect technology & offering  MS-SSD PMEM(Persistent Memory) option, Memory Semantic SSD helps us to achieve high bandwidth read/write and low latency. MS-SSD PMEM (Persistent Memory) option supports existing software written for NVDIMM (Non-volatile Dual In-line Memory Module) with built-in DRAM and NAND flash.  

Memory Semantic SSD
PoC Device Architecture

Dual Mode Support

Persistent Memory Mode

20X improvement in speed and latency

 When used in AI & ML applications, memory semantic SSD can have up to 20X* performance improvement by increasing a random read speed and decreasing a latency. This can be achieve by implementation of  Samsung’s industry first Compute Express Link (CXL) interconnection technology & built-in DRAM cache technology. 

 * 20x better performance compared to using PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD. MS-SSD

Ideal memory solution for AI & ML Workload

Optimized to read & write small-sized data chunks, memory semantic SSD is perfect solution for AI/ML workload
that requires fast processing of smaller data sets.

Use Case : Deep Learning Movie Recommendation

Better System TCO*

Larger Capacity with NAND Flash. lower Latency with Internal DRAM Cache.

*Total Cost of Ownership

Conventional Solution vs Memory-Semantic SSD

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