2nd Gen. SmartSSD®

Powerful Processing with
Upgraded Programmable Functionality

The 2nd Gen. SmartSSD®

Programmable Computational Storage

Powerful data processing with
maximum efficiency

Unlike existing SSD, the SmartSSD® device can process data directly, which able to minimize data transfers among CPU, GPU, RAM & SSD. 
 As a result, it markedly improves system performance & energy efficiency.  2nd Gen. Smart SSD® shows even more improvements.  
Energy consumption is reduced by up to 7X. Query processing throughput is improved 7X.

Programming flexibility to address
customer's needs


Implementing the latest NVMe TP4091*, it allows users to execute their programs inside a device leveraging its internal processors, hardware and accelerators. Leveraging software and intellectual property(IP) developed by customers along with built in ARM cores and FPGA. As a results, it reduced CPU utilization by up to 11X

*computational storage standard working draft.

Expand the boundaries of
the next-generation storage market

Growing important role in next generation technologies such as AI
Machine learning & 5G/6G which requires large amount of data processing.

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