CMM-H (CXL Memory Module, H: Hybrid)

Industry 1st CXL-based Storage
Optimized for AI/ML

SSD that combines the benefit of
Storage and DRAM memory

CMM-H (CXL Memory Module - Hybrid) is a next-generation memory solution optimized for tiered memory stems. It features Samsung’s high-performance DRAM, coupled with NAND Flash, and a CXL interface, offering a cost-effective memory expansion.

CMM-H Options

What is CMM-H?

The CMM-H device features Samsung’s high-performance DRAM, coupled with NAND Flash, and a CXL Type 3 interface. These technological characteristics are combined to offer a cost-effective memory expansion device. The motivation behind CMM-H is to combine NAND flash capacity with the CXL load/store memory interface. It presents large NUMA nodes with existing Linux kernel framework and seamlessly integrates with applications without the need for modification. For applications that prioritize capacity, TCO, and throughput over random access latency, CMM-H is a great design choice. As a side benefit, it comes with built-in data persistence to minimize down time during data recovery. Examples include in-memory databases and AI inferencing of large language models.

Webinar: CMM-H Samsung's CXL-based SSD for the Memory-Centric Computing Era

CMM-H Features and Benefits

A CXL Type 3 memory expansion device provides a flexible and powerful option to increase memory capacity and increase memory bandwidth, without increasing the number of primary CPU memory channels.

Tiered Memory Feature

Small granularity data access, Large memory capacity

Persistent Memory Feature

Battery-backed DRAM with Speed. Supports flush-on fail with CXL 2.0 GPF Feature

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