CMM-B (CXL Memory Module-Box)

CMM-B : Memory Pooling Appliance for Rack Computing

Flexible allocation of memory resources

Orchestrating the myriad of memory options available from Samsung has just gotten easier and more efficient.


  • CXL1.1/CXL2.0 with Xconn SoC
  • Memory Pooling with Fabric Manager
  • 8x E3.S CMM-D (PCIe Gen5)
  • Rack Mountable 4U Chassis
  • Easy-to-Use software : Samsung Cognos Management Console(SCMC) 

Rack Scale System Proof Memory Bank

Memory pooling appliance for rack computing that leverages Compute Express Link (CXL). CMM-B enables flexible allocation of memory resources by supporting the connection of 8x E3.S CXL Memory Module – DRAM (CMM-D) connected in the rack appliance

Disaggregated Memory Allocation

Exposes memory capacity available in remote locations as a pool of memory and shares it across multiple servers over the network. This architecture decouples the available compute and memory resources, enabling independent resource allocation in the rack cluster.

Composable Memory Orchestration

Allows for pools of memory to be combined and shared across multiple hosts.

Extensible Memory Expansion

Enables combining available memory together so that larger pools of memory can be created and assigned to where it is needed.

Rack Scale Composable Memory Bank

Industry's first Rack-Level Memory Solutions
for highly scalable and composable disaggregated memory infrastructure

Co-developed through collaboration with Supermicro

CMM-B Integrates into Supermicro Plug and Play Rack Scale Solutions to enable faster time to productivity with reduced TCO

Advanced Memory Pooling

  • Compatible with CXL1.1 and CXL 2.0 protocols

Scalable Device Configuration

  • Both capacity and bandwidth can be expanded

Increased Power Efficiency

  • SoC switch chip (CXL1.1 & 2.0)

Dynamic Memory Allocation

  • Flexible memory allocation with REST API

Analytics for Memory Allocation

  • SCMC(Samsung Cognos Management Console) provides a dashboards for the visualization of the CMM(CXL Memory Module) devices

SAP HANA DB Operation

7X Capacity Scalability
32% SAP HANA Performance Enhancement

  • SAP HANA application on EMS servers
  • CXL Memory allocation from CMM-B

*USP : Up Stream Port

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